Streamlined employee entry – Dynamics 365 Human Resources


With this new feature, it allows for efficient entry of employee and employment data. You can quickly update work history information for past, active, and future employees and contractors along with more intuitive navigation options.

How to enable this feature

Go to System Admin > Feature management

Click on enable now

Before you enable this feature, you see there is no option to filter worker based on past, active and future.

After enabling new feature, you can see new control added “View options

View options features

You can use View options on the Worker page to select any combination of employees and contractors from a single list. These options allow you to view workers across legal entities or for the legal entity you’re currently signed into. You can also view active, pending, and exited workers, and you can restrict results based on the type of worker (employee or contractor). If advanced security is enabled, you will only see those employees and contractors in the legal entities you have access to.

Columns in the list view change based on your selections. For example, when viewing exited employees, the termination date and reason codes display as additional columns in the list.

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