PowerApps new modern controls

Microsoft has recently announced a new modern control for PowerApps, which will allow users to create more dynamic and interactive user interfaces. The modern control is a new type of UI component that can be added to PowerApps canvas apps, and it comes with several advanced capabilities such as a customizable appearance, built-in animations, and enhanced accessibility features. The control will be available to all PowerApps users, and it is expected to improve the overall user experience of the platform by enabling developers to create more engaging and intuitive applications.

How to activate new modern control in PowerApps

Step 1: Login to web.powerapps.com and open your PowerApp or create new one.

Step 2: Open command bar and click on Settings.

Step 3: Click on Upcoming features and go at the bottom where you can find Try out the modern controls and switch to ON.

Now, the modern controls are activated.

How to use modern controls in PowerApps

1. Open your app, click the app authoring menu, and select Insert.

2.  You can select Modern controls and newly added controls.

New modern controls in PowerApps

    • Slider – Vertical and horizontal layout options available for this control
    • New dropdown menu:
      • Modern date picker control:
  • Modern duration control:
    Modern Duration Control - based on Fluent v9


    • Combobox and Toggle:
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