Hire to Retire Process in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Hire to Retire Process in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Hire to Retire Introduction

The Hire to Retire process is a critical component of human resources management, encompassing the entire employee lifecycle – from the initial recruitment and onboarding to retirement or departure. Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is a comprehensive software solution that offers a range of features and functions to streamline and automate the Hire to Retire process.

In this article, we will explore the hire to retire end-to-end business process. It outlines how Dynamics 365 products can help organizations manage and optimize their hire to retire processes. By understanding the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, organizations can enhance their HR processes, improve employee experiences, and drive overall organizational success.

Overview of Hire to Retire Process

The Hire to Retire process in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations is a comprehensive solution that covers every stage of an employee’s journey within an organization, from the moment they are hired until they retire. It streamlines and automates various HR processes, making it easier for HR professionals to manage and support their workforce effectively.

Basic Outline for Implementing Technology Solutions in the Hire to Retire Process for Organizations.

    • Defining Organizational Structure and Planning:
      • Identifying Hiring Needs
      • Determining Employee Benefits and Compensation Plans
      • Initiating Talent Acquisition

    • Dynamics 365 Features for Recruitment:
      • Position Request Management
      • Streamlining Communication Between Departments
      • Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

    • Onboarding Process:
      • Automation of Onboarding for New Employees
      • Internal Team Preparation for New Hires

    • Managing Employee Lifecycle:
      • Performance Management
      • Career Development
      • Succession Planning
      • Employee Development Capabilities
      • Learning Module for Training and Development
      • Skill Gap Analysis

    • Day-to-Day HR Operations:
      • Time Management
      • Leave and Absence Management
      • Expense Management
      • Compliance and Auditing Tools
      • Safety Incident Tracking
      • Payroll Integration

    • Separation Process:
      • Benefits Management for Retiring Employees
      • Transition Support for Employees (e.g., changing roles)
      • Offboarding Process
      • Exit Interviews and Property Collection

    • Microsoft 365 Productivity Suite Benefits:
      • Collaboration and Communication Improvement
      • Business Process and Workflow Streamlining
      • Data Security and Compliance Enhancement
      • Increased Productivity and Efficiency

    • Microsoft 365 Tools and Applications:
      • Microsoft Teams
      • SharePoint
      • OneDrive
      • Outlook
      • Word
      • Excel
      • PowerPoint

    • Integration and Extensions:
      • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice
      • Power Platform
      • Power BI
      • Dynamics 365 Finance
      • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Benefits of Implementing Hire to Retire

Implementing the Hire to Retire process in Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations offers numerous benefits for both HR professionals and employees. Some key benefits include:

1. Efficiency and Time Savings: By automating processes such as recruitment, onboarding, employee record management, and benefits administration, HR professionals can save time and focus on more strategic tasks.

2. Improved Communication and Collaboration: Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations provides employee self-service functionality, allowing employees to access and update their information, collaborate with colleagues, and stay informed about company news and announcements.

3. Better Talent Management: With features like applicant tracking and screening, interview and selection management, and performance goals and development plans, HR professionals can attract and retain top talent, ensuring a skilled and motivated workforce.

4. Accurate Compensation and Benefits Administration: Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations facilitates salary and compensation management, benefits enrolment, and administration, leave and time-off management, and integrates with payroll systems to ensure accurate and timely payment.

Hire to retire business process flow

Hire to retire business process flow

The following diagram shows the high-level flow of the hire to retire business process. Each solid rectangle on the diagram represents an end-to-end business process area.

Plan and Recruit Your Workforce:

  • This process involves structuring your company by defining positions, departments, and hierarchies.
  • Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers an Organization Administration module for this purpose, enhancing reporting and analytics.

Onboard and Manage the Employee Lifecycle:

  • This area focuses on welcoming new hires, assigning tasks, coordinating, and handling paperwork.
  • Task lists, combined with workflow tools like Power Automate, streamline task management.

Manage Employee Performance and Growth:

  • Here, you manage employee performance by setting goals, conducting reviews, and documenting progress.
  • It also includes handling learning and development, career paths, courses, and skill analyses.

Define Skills and Competencies:

  • This process defines required skills for each job, maintains a competency repository, and identifies skill gaps.
  • It integrates skill data into applications like Supply Chain Management and Project Operations.

Manage Occupational Health and Safety:

  • This area oversees workplace safety, including protocols, training, hazard identification, and incident reporting.

Administer Employee and Manager Requests:

  • It handles requests such as accommodations, employment verifications, employee changes, and incident reporting.

Manage Employee Benefits and Compensation:

  • This involves defining benefit eligibility, enrolling employees, and managing compensation policies and changes.

Manage Employee Time and Attendance:

  • This area records employee time, manages leave, and tracks attendance.
  • It includes timesheet management and supports various industry-specific needs.

Pay Employees:

  • This mission-critical process involves defining pay structures, processing payroll, and handling final settlements.
  • It offers integration with payroll providers.

Manage Travel and Expenses:

  • This process sets expense policies, handles travel requests, manages expense reports, and audits expenses for anomalies.


The “hire to retire” process in Human Resources is a comprehensive lifecycle management approach that covers all stages of an employee’s journey within an organization. It encompasses recruiting and onboarding new hires, managing their performance and development, overseeing daily HR operations like time and leave management, ensuring compliance and safety, and ultimately handling their separation from the company, including retirement. This process is facilitated and streamlined through various HR modules and tools, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for both employees and HR teams.

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