Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management – Copilot and AI innovation

Copilot into Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management


In the dynamic realm of business operations, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management has stood as a reliable companion for organizations, offering a comprehensive set of features to streamline processes. However, given its extensive functionality, users often encounter a learning curve, necessitating guidance to fully leverage the software’s capabilities. Enter the innovative in-app help guidance powered by Microsoft Copilot, poised to revolutionize the user experience.

Unleashing the Power of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management:

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides a diverse set of tools to support various business processes. However, mastering this complexity typically requires training and hands-on experience. Traditionally, users sought guidance from experts, partners, or Microsoft support. Now, a groundbreaking solution is available.

Introducing Copilot’s In-App Help Guidance Capability:

Copilot introduces AI-driven capabilities to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. One significant feature delivers contextual help and guidance directly within the application, now available in public preview. Here’s a closer look at how it operates:

Utilizing Public Documentation:

Copilot’s help and guidance capability rely on an extensive repository of public documentation on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management features. It uses generative AI to provide precise responses to user queries based on its understanding of the documentation.

Contextual Assistance:

Users can seamlessly engage with Copilot within the application, posing questions related to their current context. Copilot, armed with a wealth of documentation, offers tailored and context-aware guidance. In the future, it will facilitate direct navigation within the application and suggest relevant actions to complete users’ tasks.

Real-World Applications:

Copilot’s in-app help proves invaluable in various scenarios, such as onboarding new users, immediate problem-solving, and reducing training costs for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Step-by-Step Experience:

Illustrated with the example of Alice, a new Purchaser in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Copilot’s generative help feature assists her in initiating the creation of a purchase agreement.

Copilot in action – supporting a novice user

The Benefits Unveiled:

The advantages of Copilot’s in-app help guidance are numerous:

  • Cost-Efficiency: By reducing the need for extensive training, organizations can save significantly on training costs.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Users gain immediate access to accurate information, enhancing their overall experience with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management.
  • Improved Productivity: With real-time answers to questions, users can work more efficiently and effectively.

Responsible AI:

Copilot adheres to responsible AI practices, ensuring data privacy, content moderation, and compliance with principles like fairness, reliability, privacy, transparency, and accountability.

The Future of Copilot in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management:

This section provides a glimpse into the expanding capabilities of Copilot, where it evolves into a valuable partner for users, offering guidance, insights, and seamless navigation within the application.

Future Navigation capabilities from the Copilot navigation experience


In summary, Copilot’s In-app help guidance in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management marks a significant advancement in enhancing the user experience. Bridging the gap between complexity and ease of use, Copilot empowers users to unlock the full potential of the product. While acknowledging the early stages of this journey, continuous improvement is promised. As organizations embrace this feature, training costs decrease, and the workforce is empowered, promising a more streamlined experience for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management users. Copilot simplifies tasks and provides instant assistance, ensuring users efficiently navigate the product with the commitment to further enhance these capabilities.

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